Traveling is part of education. It can enlighten you about new things and help you to see new places. Traveling can equally avail you the opportunity to learn new languages. You will become more knowledgeable, and it can change your worldview from that of a limited reserved person to that of an open, unbiased individual since traveling can disabuse your mind about other people and their cultures.

Be that as it may, you need to be wary of the possible dangers you are exposing yourself to when you travel. If care is not taken, you may encounter life-threatening circumstances while touring the globe or visiting anywhere different from your home front. This is why this write-up is put together; to enlighten you about some of the possible dangers you can encounter while traveling and how to keep safe.

Stay ready at all times

During your preparation phase for the journey ahead, you should make a photocopy of all your documents, like a travel itinerary, credit cards, medical cards, and passport.  Make sure that you give some family members or your close friends a copy of each of these documents for safekeeping, while the other documents remain with you.

Furthermore, you can email any relevant document or information to yourself using any web-based email account; this way, you can get it from any internet café if you need a copy of these documents. Immediately you arrive at the destination, never forget to check in with your country’s embassy in that destination country.

Why not keep some money in various places about your person in case you get stranded and need urgent fund? You can keep some money in your shoe socks, in an inner pocket, in your dress’s lapel and other funny places; this may look absurd, but it can also prove to be a lifesaver.

Avoids negative attention

It is not safe to draw negative attention to yourself in that foreign country.  Avoid getting drunk if you go to a party in that foreign country. If night falls before you return to your hotel, do not walk down to the hotel on the lonely, dark street; instead, take a taxi.  While at the party, always keep a close watch on your drink; make sure nobody touches it. Do not take the drink anymore if anyone touches it. Moreover, it is not safe to collect an already open drink from anyone, let alone drink it.

Avoid taking drugs when abroad! This point cannot be overemphasized. The laws against hard drug vary from one country to another. If you are caught with a drug, you may be put away for a long time.  Bear in mind that prison life in some other countries is rarely as smooth as what you have in your home country; you may not come out alive if you cannot adapt to the uncomfortable conditions in those places.

 Schedule your movement and always keep to the schedules

 You can steer clear of trouble in a foreign country by starting and ending your day early. Try as much as possible not to keep late nights in a foreign country. Bear in mind that you do not know the streets well.  Google Map may show you the direction to your hotel, but it cannot tell you about the street corners where those bad street boys are holding their late night, illegal meetings.

The entire place may look friendly during the day, but do not be surprised if it becomes a den for criminals during the night. As a result, keep yourself safe by avoiding late night outs.  It is safe to suspend all your love for the night until you arrive in your home country.

Look strong and alert at all times

Thieves always prefer to attack soft targets and people that look easy or soft; this is the general characteristics of all bullies.  At all times, always acknowledge everyone going and coming around you wherever you are. Also, keep your eyes looking around and observing everything so that you can have a better understanding of your environment.

When on the street, always keep your head up and walk confidently. Do not look scared or insecure; it might encourage unscrupulous elements to target you for an attack, which might cost you your life.  Looking strong and confident will compel these bullies to look for another victim and leave you alone. It is good to smile, but do not smile too often; an excessive smile can be translated as weakness, which may expose you to an attack.

Watch out for Chaos Theory in display

The chaos theory is one of the most common methods adopted by thieves. They would bring up a situation that can cause confusion and then strike.  You may find several prostitutes surrounding you at the same time and acting too friendly; a seeming drunk man may stumble and step or fall on you; someone may even rattle a newspaper in your face.

When any of these happen, reach for your pocket immediately to secure your wallet using one hand and push them away politely with the other hand.  Free yourself from that environment as soon as possible. Their actions may look innocent, but it is rarely so most times.  If you are walking on the street and see a suspicious looking person coming in your direction, it is better to cross to the other side of the street or into a shop to allow the person to pass.

Do not be flashy


Flashy appearances can attract unscrupulous elements to you. Avoid displaying those fancy jewelry or expensive cameras everywhere you go.  Instead, go for a cheap plastic watch in place of expensive jewelry. Never take your camera out of the hotel at night; it may prove too dangerous.

What about a decoy wallet? Get one and carry it on your person. You can throw it at your assailants to bail yourself if you get held up.  Never forget to shift your backpack to the front if you are on a crowded street.


The tips above can keep you safe while in a foreign country.  It is good to be friendly with the locals, but you should know your limits and draw the lines so that those communicating with you will know when to stop. Always show respect to the locals and learn one or two things about their culture so that you can be in their good books while you are in their country or city.