France is a great place to visit. You will come by several great sights that will make you want to stay here permanently. You may be tempted to make France the second home or even relocate here completely and take on France nationality.

The delightful and romantic villages and fairy-tale castles, as well as the great cathedrals, make this country a worthy place to visit by everyone. The city is a mix of both ancient and contemporary arts, which reflects in virtually everything to be seen here from the buildings, the streets and even the parks.

If you plan to travel to France on vacation but need guidance on where to visit and what to expect, the information provided in this write-up will guide you so that you will not be at a loss or confused about where to visit because of the sheer multitude of great sights to see in the great cities in France.

Musee de Lovre

If you are visiting Paris, that great, ancient, beautiful city, then this edifice is worthy of a visit.  The artistic display at the entrance is itself impressive and can cause you to stay transfixed for minutes.  Today, Musee de Lovre remains the most visited museum on earth.  The glassy pyramid will leave your mouth wide open.

The fantasy to behold inside the building is far more enthralling than what you see outside.  The collection of art here are among the best the world had ever seen.  You can look forward to globally-acclaimed works of art in this museum, like the Venus de Milo, Leonardo’s Mona Lisa, Egyptian mummies, Code of Hammurabi and so on.

The museum is an ancient building and had overseen the various social and political transformations that have defined the history of France. Despite being ancient, it remains the perfect symbol of France’s sensitivity and finesses.

Eiffel Tower

It is located in Paris and also called Tour Eiffel

It is one of the major edifices that set France apart from other countries of the world.  The tower commemorates the centennial celebration of the French Revolution. Today, the tower remains the most visited paid monument on earth. It was built by a renowned bridge builder, Gustave Effiel in 1889.

The tower twinkles from far and near at night and can be seen from as far as Champs de Mars. The multicolored lights coming from the tower makes a romantic night out of a rain-free, slightly warm summer night, making this spot the perfect place for marriage proposals. Aside from commemorating the French Revolution, this tower equally stirs very strong emotion in the minds of French people as well as to unite them.

Versailles Palace

It is located in Versailles and also called Chateau de Versailles.  The Hall of Mirrors presents here will make you gape helplessly, same for the glittering enfilade found in all the bedrooms and the gilded royal apartments. It is a masterpiece to say the fact.  The furnishing is a perfect work of art and is perfectly befitting for a king. The lawns are meticulously manicured, and the landscapes are quintessential. It is more like a fairy tale becoming a reality. Today, this edifice remains one of the most visited tourist attractions in France.

Cathedrale de Chartres

It is located in Chartres and also one of the picturesque edifices worthy of visiting in France.  The spires soar beautifully with reckless abandon. Its elaborately adorned pouches also speak of detailed sculptural art.  The stained glass windows, just like almost everything about this building, have been around since the 12th and 13th centuries.  Its unique beauty makes it the perfect symbol of French Gothic art.

If the cathedral cab talk, it will tell the tourist quite a history. The greater part of the town of Chartres, where the cathedral is located, was razed down by a fire in 1134, but the cathedral stood its ground, maintaining its entire great looks all through the seemingly unquenchable fire.  Aside from being a major pilgrimage destination today, the cathedral is equally one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites; UNESCO had so named it since 1979.

Abbaye du Mont Saint-Michel

 It lies on the harbor between Normandy and Brittany. The ancient and legendary abbey showcases the beauty of medieval architecture and seems to be united with the force of nature, which makes it even more interesting to behold.  The abbey sits majestically atop a tidal island and was also named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979.

The abbey witnessed a lot of action and witnessed a lot of battles, especially between France (Normandy) and England (Brittany). Most of the French heroic resistance to England’s military might was put up here.  It was a principal participant at battles during the Hundred Years’ War.


The walls are fortified and encompass Middle Age village that did flourish from the 11th century.  It is easily accessible to pilgrims during low tide because it is just 600 meters from land. Mont was once used as a prison during the reign of Louis XI.  It has, however, been revitalized and remains one of the most visited tourist attractions in France.

Notre Dame Cathedral

It is located in Paris and also called Cathedrale de Notre Dame de Paris. The 1831 novel of Victor Hugo further contributed to the popularity enjoyed by this cathedral today; the title of that novel is The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

The cathedral adds prestige to the city of Paris.  Its ribbed vaults, flying buttresses, rose-colored stained glass windows, ornate spires, sizable lofty archways and the indispensable Gargoyles all work in unison to showcase ancient Gothicism in all its beauty.  This is a worthy place to visit when you are in France. The building is not far from great hotels where you can lodge pending the expiration of your stay in France.


The locations above are just a few of the many great places you should visit in France. The city has all it takes to get you excited and leave you wondering and pondering. You can get fast transport from Paris to any of the other locations of tourist attractions in the city.  Every moment you spend here will prove to be time well spent.